Remove Friction from the Customer Experience with a Retailer Digital Marketing Platform

retailer digital marketing platform

The purpose of a retailer digital marketing platform like Lynkem is to help brands and retailers improve the buying experience for their customers. Successful retail businesses are consciously taking measures to improve the purchasing journey, by removing any friction that may be encountered. If you’ve used an app to order food or chatted to a customer service representative for an online store, you’ve interacted with these measures. And friction can occur anywhere along the buyer journey, whether online or offline, during product discovery, purchase, or even post purchase.

How does friction affect the bottom line?

Facebook recently found that 37% of UK shoppers leave a business’ website without making a purchase because they didn’t find enough information about the product available. According to  a study completed by Ipsos, 42% of UK shoppers expect businesses to provide an opportunity to chat with a live representative while shopping or after making a purchase, to answer any questions they may have. When a business doesn’t live up to the expectations of their customers, whether at the beginning, middle, end, or even after the end of their buying journey, it directly impacts the business’s bottom line. It is estimated that $260 billion is lost every year to abandoned shopping carts; friction is what causes this abandonment almost every time.

However, this presents an opportunity. Retail leaders that can recognize consumer trends and react, will be able to reduce friction, improve the consumer experience, and increase sales. These benefits go hand in hand with the benefits of shifting to a customer focused marketing strategy.

What can we do about friction in the buyer journey?

For instance, using a retailer digital marketing platform to communicate product features and maintain a brand voice across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will help meet the customer expectation of a retailer’s digital presence. Our retailer digital marketing platform allows this to be accomplished in a scalable manner, making room to take other customer experience-centered measures to improve your business.

Additionally, these social platforms are constantly evolving in ways that help reduce friction in a customer’s buying process. An example of this is found in Instagram Checkout, a new feature that allows a business’s followers to purchase a product directly from the social platform, with just a few clicks. 

Another opportunity is customer support. Focus on customer support is beneficial both in reducing friction during and after purchase and in improving a business’s ability to listen and respond to customers. Offering an easy-to-access support chat feature is becoming standard across many business websites and apps. And there are many easy-to-use plugins to add such a feature to your website. When a buyer can have their questions quickly answered about products or purchases, the business gains the ability to improve the likelihood of a positive experience, leading to improved sales, positive reviews, and beyond. 

Consumers tend to adopt new technology before businesses; therefore, the more nimble and responsive businesses will see the most success. Using a retailer digital marketing platform allows greater access to this reactive, customer-focused marketing strategy, and creates more opportunity to reduce friction throughout the buyer journey.

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