Co-Op Management

Distribute, manage, control and track where and how your Co-Op dollars are spent by your authorized Retailers.​

Gain Control

Co-Op programs can be designed to allow Retailers to apply their co-op funds to any one of a Brand's social media ads built on Lynkem. So now, Brands can ensure that allocated funds are being used to directly promote their products.

Credit or Direct Pay

Brands can determine which Retailers will be allocated Co-Op funds for each Co-Op program. These funds can be extended either as credit towards future invoices, or paid directly by the Brand through our platform.

Ditch the Receipts

When Retailers use their co-op funds, Lynkem tracks where they were used and what they were used for, eliminating the hassle and time-consuming process of getting receipts from Retailers to Brands and processing refund payments.

Clear Visibility

Brands track Co-Op budgets through a simple dashboard, to get an up-to-the-minute status on every dollar allocated and used. Brands get a clear view of all the social ads that are run across all of their Retailers' accounts, to see how each campaign is performing.

Co-Op Management

Co-op distribution and management has never been easier. Learn how your co-op budgets are being spent by your retailers, and see how these programs are impacting your business, all from one platform.

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