When Brands Collaborate
Retailers Sell More

Brands play a huge role in the success of their retailer's marketing strategies. Lynkem provides collaboration features that allow brands to easily share all kinds of content and pre-built digital marketing ads and posts.

Content sharing that boosts
local retail marketing

Social Media Ads

Brand marketing teams create one-to-many social media campaigns for productts, brand or events, and publish them on the platform. Retailers can then choose to run these on their own social channels using their own ad budgets or use co-op marketing provided by the brand.

Social Media Posts

Brand Marketing teams can pre-curate social media posts with gorgeous content and pre-written copy and the allow retailer to push these posts to their own social pages.

Push Local Market Ads

Brands can now run social campaigns targeting local markets by leveraging the platform's built-in retailer network technology. This provides unprecedented direct reach for Brands at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. For Locally customers, our smart ad technology can even run campaigns based on what's in-stock at each retailer!

How It Works

Brands create multi-channel social media ads on the platform with simplified ad builder tools. The process is incredibly fast and simple to use, allowing brands to save time and money by rapidly creating a whole series of ad campaigns for their retailers to run in their local markets.

Social Media Ads Distribution Options

Manual Retailer Advertising vs. Automated Advertising with Lynkem

How does it work? Brands create content and run the ads on their retailers behalf. Requires no participation by your retailers making it the most scabable solution for local social marketing. Brands create content and add it to their library. Retailers are able to see all the content in their Social Post & Ads library. Retailers can post/run these pieces of content when they see fit.
Types of content Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, Twitter Posts
Retailer Participation Not needed. The brand runs the content on behalf of their authorized retailers in their local market. It's not required that retailers have an account on the platform. Yes. Retailers link their social channels and choose when to run content.
Content Customization Brands are 100% in control of the content creation and delivery. When a retailer wants to run a pre-built social ad, they can edit the landing page and copy written by the brand if set to allow.
Reporting Instant access to live results of campaign performance. Instant access to live results of campaign performance.

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