The Benefits of a Brand-Retailer Digital Marketing Platform

Why Should a Brand Get Involved in their Retailers’ Local Marketing Strategies?

The answer to the question of why a brand should get involved in their retailer’s local marketing efforts may seem pretty clear to a Brand-Retailer digital marketing platform like us. But if you’re a brand who’s on the hunt for the most efficient use of a marketing budget, or if you’re a retailer who’s not sure why your brand wants to get involved, it may not seem so obvious. 

The brand-retailer relationship is one built on a simple foundation: the goal of selling more products. The brand sells products to the retailer, and the retailer sells those products to the customer. It seems pretty universally accepted that a Brand benefits from marketing their products to the end customer, to increase demand, making retailers want to stock their shelves with the in-demand products. 

Brands work hard to create an identity for themselves, and develop a following. And while this marketing tactic can certainly help them increase their direct-to-consumer sales, especially if they offer some sort of online store, it simply does not compare to the effectiveness of a retailer’s local marketing, if executed well.

Access to Local Marketing Benefits for Brands

Local marketing is any marketing strategy that targets customers in a particular location, like a city or community. It is used by smaller, local businesses to target the potential customers who are most likely to purchase products from them – those who are close by. With over 90% of retail sales still taking place in brick-and-mortar stores, local marketing proves to be an effective and efficient use of marketing budget for retailers. But nation-wide brands aren’t able to tap into the power of local marketing; not without the cooperative effort of their retailers, that is. 

By creating a system within the brand-retailer relationship that allows for a brand to contribute to their retailers’ marketing efforts, through shared digital assets or co-op programs, a brand can finally tap into the power of local marketing, and have a direct impact the the sales of their products through their retailers. 

And we should mention, a brand local marketing platform like Lynkem would make this system development much more scalable. 

Collaboration Benefits for Store Owners

Store owners often lack the time, funds and expertise of, say, an entire marketing department, to launch effective marketing campaigns on a consistent basis. But when a brand steps in to provide high-quality media or a co-op marketing budget, getting a marketing campaign off the ground becomes a much more easily attainable goal.

By collaborating on marketing efforts with their Brands, a retailer essentially gains access to a number of their Brands’ marketing departments, and gets to worry less about content development or marketing budgets. And with a Brand-Retailer digital marketing platform like Lynkem, enormous amounts of time is saved, and digital marketing expertise is no longer a necessity to launch effective social marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their stores.

Improved Experiences for Customers

The shared goal of brands and retailers is to sell more products, but this goal cannot be achieved without offering a pleasant buying experience to the customer, from top to bottom. Consumers are becoming more and more used to a buying journey, in which messaging is presented at just the right time to the customer. Cooperative marketing efforts between the brand and retailer can improve the experience a buyer has, offering both information on the product, and information on the closest place to purchase that product.

A Brand-Retailer Digital Marketing Platform is a Win-Win-Win

When brands and retailers come together in marketing, it is a win-win-win for themselves and their shared customers. When brands can scale these collaboration efforts and retailers can save time on launching marketing campaigns, it all comes together even better. And that’s where we step in.

If you’re a brand and you’d like to learn more about how to scale the collaboration with all of your retailers through a Brand-Retailer digital marketing platform, give us a call at (804) 442-3147 or schedule a demo to see all of the solutions that Lynkem offers.

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