About Us

Lynkem was born out of the frustrations we were hearing from Brands and Retailers. Brands didn't have an effective way to market their products in order to  drive in-store traffic to each of their retailers, where, by the way, 90% of purchases are still made. Retailers complained that they didn’t have the time or marketing expertise to effectively advertise the products they sell. We knew this problem could be solved pretty easily with technology, so we decided to launch Lynkem, a co-marketing platform for Brands and Retailers.


And who better to offer an amazing platform like Lynkem than our co-founders. Their backgrounds include both retail store and expertise in digital marketing while also having a track record of building technology companies. Their passion for this market and their drive to build incredible software is what makes Lynkem the solution for "lynking" Brands and Retailers.


Lynkem is a  cloud-based platform that promises to offer a much simpler and frictionless way for Brands and Retailers to interact when it comes to digital marketing. In the future, it will allow Brands to lower their operating costs by aggregating other critical marketing systems that are now managed separately, such as Digital Asset Management and Email campaign platforms, all on the Lynkem platform.

Tim Nero


Brian Nero