We Are Lynkem

About Us

Lynkem was born out of the frustrations expressed by small and mid-sized retailers around the complexities involved with managing the multitude of digital marketing tools, platforms, and services being hawked by 1000's of agencies. We asked ourselves, why isn't their a low cost online service that these businesses could sign up for that would just take care of it all for them.


On the platform, Retailers have the ability to simply turn on multiple channels for selling products without any extra work. We like to refer to it as "set-it and forget-it" technology where retailers don't have to constantly be spending time and extra money on it. Following the calamity of the pandemic, retailers learned the hard way that selling both local and online are critical.  Lynkem provides both.


Brands, franchises and affiliated store store chains,  help local stores by sharing marketing content and push social and PPC campaigns directly into local markets through the Lynkem platform. We recognized this early on as a significant missing piece of all retailers marketing efforts, one that agencies can't fulfill. These groups have a much more robust marketing prowess, but not sharing that with retailers hurts them in the long run.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help small to medium-sized retailers thrive by putting amazing digital marketing technology to work on their behalf so that they can focus on other high value tasks. By democratizing these capabilities, retailers will be able to attain the quality and reach that only brand marketing teams or outside agencies were able to provide.