Brand Retailer Digital Marketing Software

brand retailer digital marketing software

If you’ve stumbled across our brand-retailer digital marketing software, you’re likely looking for ways to bring brand-retailer collaboration to digital marketing strategies. Many brands have become aware of the opportunity that lies within the use of local marketing strategies through their retailers. Others are concerned about maintaining control of the messaging used in the marketing of their products. But how does a brand implement a collaborative marketing campaign with their retailers?

Produce and Distribute Digital Assets

With little to no additional cost, a brand can distribute brand-curated digital assets to all of its retailers to use in their own digital marketing campaigns. The term “digital assets” in this instance covers any digital file that can benefit a store’s marketing – we’re talking about anything from high-quality product photos, to in-depth how-to videos, to lifestyle media that shows models and influencers thoroughly enjoying your brand’s products. When brands spend a large portion of their marketing budgets on generating these assets to use in their own marketing, it almost seems wasteful not to share them! Luckily for Lynkem users, scalable distribution of brand digital assets is a cinch with the digital asset library solution on our brand-retailer digital marketing software, powered by Dropbox.

Share the Brand Story

Marketing teams work very hard to develop and maintain a story and a voice for their brand, to be used across all of their own marketing strategies. But the moment the marketing of their products leaves their hands, and is put into the hands of their retailers, that consistent voice is lost. Traditional practices for sharing that intentional voice (which can include marketing messaging parameters shared via outlines, spreadsheets, charts, infographics, etc.) simply can’t ensure control over the actual implementation in retailer marketing. 

However, our brand-retailer digital marketing software offers the most direct solution to maintaining message control: create the social media ads and social media posts for your retailers to deploy directly across their own social media platforms. Not only does this solution make it easier to dictate the messaging used in marketing, but it helps ensure the proper use of the aforementioned digital assets. The last, and possibly the best part of this solution, is how easy it is for retailers to opt into effective social marketing – seriously, it takes seconds for a retailer to deploy the awesome ads that their brands have built for them to use.

Offer Co-Op Funds

The most universally accepted system for brand-retailer collaboration is the implementation of co-op programs. Most brands that utilize the power of co-op offer a percentage of the annual sales to a retailer back as a marketing budget. But again, we run into the issue of maintaining control of how these marketing dollars are used, or at least ensuring that they are used well. Imagine a retailer – with no expertise in digital marketing – launching a few social ads and staying within budget. They’ll send over an invoice to their brand for reimbursement, and the brand will be none-the-wiser as to how well those ads performed as they sign the check.
This problem is solved through our co-op processing solution. Brands have the ability to distribute and manage co-op programs through our brand-retailer digital marketing software, the funds of which can be used by retailers to fund the brand-built social media ads they deploy from the platform. Use of the funds and ads, and their performance, can all be tracked by both the retailer and the brand. And it makes retailer buy-in for brand-retailer collaborative marketing easier than ever.

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